Testimonials from our customers

This excerpt appeared in the New York Queen's Courier Newspaper on 10/10/2008 about a website we made for a City Council race in Queens:

...the result is a Web site without peer in a borough with numerous campaigns for city and state office. “Having a Web presence is essential for anyone running a grassroots operation,” said Eric Ulrich, Nunziato’s political director and the GOP candidate for Joe Addabbo’s council seat. “We’re not using traditional means of campaigning.”

Nunziato’s Web site integrates press releases, volunteer outreach and fundraising on a Web engine designed by Ideal Campaign.

Link to full article can be found here

As a first time candidate, it was extraordinarily important for me to find a company that could not only build a top-quality web site for me but could also handle the back office operations associated with campaign websites, including on-line contributions, volunteer management and bulk e-mail. Ideal Campaign was the perfect choice. The web site they designed was fantastic, was operational in about a week and served as a critical focal point for distributing information to the public about my campaign. Throughout the campaign, people continually commented about how professional the site was and how much they liked it. I highly recommend Ideal Campaign to any candidate that wants a well designed web site that will make them stand out among the competition. 

Candidate Bruce Stern 

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for the great work done on my website. This was my first experience with a web developer and I was certainly impressed. You guys made an awesome (lack of better words) website and I was even told, and I quote, “best web design I have seen in a county level race, and in fact state level races.” I really appreciate your attention to detail and fast work. Oh and by the way, I did win my race! I would certainly recommend you and would use you again if such an occasion arises. If somebody who is thinking about using your services and needs a referral send them my way and I will give the thumbs up.

Constable Robert Chody

"By the way, it goes without saying that your Patriot donation engine is exemplary. It has made a substantial difference in the fundraising for the campaign.

Brian Davis: Candidate for Congress

"The best thing about Ideal Campaign is the creativity of the product. They develop websites that break through the clutter in the most positive way. They are the opposite of cookie-cutter. Their sites have a creative flair to them. If you want a site that looks like every other site on the Web, don't go with them. If you want a site that will be striking and professional at once, they're your choice. Their sites are not just aesthetically pleasing, though. They are also extremely user friendly, capable of handling large quantities of content in a very professional manner. I was always impressed by their design clarity, usability, and the professional and expedient response of their tech support staff."

Talk Radio Personality Jessica McBride

"Ideal Campaign designed a very professional web site for our campaign. They not only came up with ideas and suggestions, they completed the job in just a few days to meet our deadline. Their system makes it easy to organize our volunteers, track donations and represents our candidate as good on the Internet as in person." 

Kevin Burns: Candidate for Congress

I am really excited about the potential that our new website design offers.  Ideal Campaign has been great to work with and very attentive to my request for help.  They have made the overwhelming task of creating a new and user friendly website, available to even the novice computer user.

Susan Jacobson: Campaign Coordinator

The Patriot system is fundamentally easy to use, and it has a lot of innovative functions that can really enhance a campaign. Patriot is a great way to fully bring politics into the 21st Century

Chris Lato: Campaign Coordinator

Thank you for your creative talent and organization.  The ease of use and creative messaging makes it easy for individuals to invest their time, talent and dollars in my campaign.  Your company has made a substantial difference.

Terri McCormick: Candidate

I have used the folks at Ideal Campaign before and they have always been extremely responsive, honest, and an absolute pleasure to work with. However, here is a story that has proven to me that - in this universe - Ideal Campaign is second only to sliced bread:

For collateral the candidates like to give out sponges with their logo on them. It's actually not a bad idea: The sponges come as flat as a piece of paper, and once they are wet they expand into a fully useful and exciting piece of campaign swag that will be found on kitchen sinks across the County.

Well, most recently we had a street fair which would be attended by hundreds upon hundreds of local residents (aka: Voters looking for swag). The street fair was on a Saturday and we got our sponges delivered to us on Thursday afternoon - about 60 hours before we would be handing them out. On these sponges included our web site URL.

One would normally think that's a great thing that our collateral included our web site (me included). However, our web site was not even close to live. In fact, we only bought the URL a week before. With a frantic call to Ideal Campaign they ensured me that we would have a live, functioning web site for the street fair. Sure enough, they came through. We had a web site that was fully functioning and aesthetically soothing.

That is when I came to the conclusion that Ideal Campaign is second only to sliced bread!

Frank Luna - Campaign Manager